Formerly called “Octodon Degus” Obs., because when I started to build it, a nice wild mouse (see Octodon Degus) inhabited the place. This was a temporary location (2 years) and finally I could put it on the middle of a little hill, near Illapel, Chile (LAT: 31.63º SOUTH AND LONG 71.16º WEST, 160 kms south of Cerro Tololo Inter American Obs.) where I live with my family.

I personally designed and built he Obs., working alone on weekends for about a year. Some friends helped me with the electric system, or gave me a hand with the roof and rails. Many metal workshop was done at Maestranza Illapel, them always help me with the manufacture of many pieces. My Illapel team of friends: Sergio Vasquez, Ignacio Millet, Lucas Millet, Fabian Matamala, Tato Stallone, Cuto Correa and others gave me much support with moving several heavy things into the hills.

This is an inclined roll off kind of Observatory. Still it have decent skies, tipe rural sky, but it’s getting more and more light polluted.


Original concept, first plan.


First build terminated, original place. Two years after, I had to dismantle it and move to a little hill.


detail of the roof rails and wheels…


To reach the stars, many times one need to move mountains…


The definitive site, waiting for the Obs.


The low-tech tools used to dig the hole for the foundation. The big spoonis very important.


The big metal bolts for the foundation (1 meter long) and the hole.


Foundation ready to receive the pier.


“MINGA” with my friends, moving the Obs. splitted in big parts.


A Some friends helped me a lot to move the big things to the hill.